Throw Back Thursday **Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers and American Indians** A Strong Message of Survival

The Pink Floyd video brings thoughts, dreams and surviving to mind. I fly in my dreams and have for as long as I can remember. Watching the guy get the courage to fly is like our internal struggle to survive. Survivors continue to battle the struggle, the difference is they have learned to fly. The other message not lost on me is the American Indian appearing, building his confidence to fly. I am Cherokee and would have liked to fight their battles. Everyone has a story. If you are lacking confidence to jump the last hurdle, you’re in good company. Survivors dedicate themselves to helping you fly.

There’s a line in Seven Turns on the Highway, Love Is All That Remains The Same. It reminds me the journey never ends, we have to keep living. By living we are going to hit unexpected turns. When we have the right people in our life, they take the journey with us. Surviving is a life long learning experience. Personally I love watching the American Indians dance, wondering what the dance means.   XO Warrior


Throw Back Thursday ** Dedicated to Survivors ** You are Worthy

As my illness progresses many have offered kind words of support and prayers. Thank you for filling my heart with hope and friendship.

I’ve  met many survivors, the words take on a new meaning to me. I heard  the words in the past but didn’t hear them. Dedicated to survivors. You Are Worthy.

Lyme Disease Journal Entry Nine **Lyme-Winning Me-Hanging By A Thread**

This is a 6 minute video from the 2014 Gala which raises money for Lyme Disease research. Patients talk in the video about the symptoms and difficulty getting a proper diagnosis. I have tears in my eyes.

Severe gastro illness after starting second Malaria RX added

Fatigue, exhausted and frustrated

Doubled neuropathy Rx in effort to reduce pain

Full body edema, very painful

My esophagus ulcer doesn’t like two Malaria RX’s

Very painful to walk with edema

Burning sensation in arms and legs, at times like fire ants attacking

Chest pains more severe, probably from edema

Left shoulder pops when moved, feels like dislocated

Have several pressure points which light up when touched

Watching videos Lyme videos on to learn what to expect next.

Justin and Christa Vanderham were a young couple planning a wedding when life went horribly wrong. They share first hand knowledge on the website. I have no idea how both kept their faith and marriage together. The video is roughly an hours long and chronicles five years of Christa’s life. I cry watching her pain every time, it’s a video no one should miss.

“But You Don’t Look Sick?” (loneliness, the Gospel, and other things…)

Looking for the Light:

Her words hit me hard. I think it’s one of the reasons our loved ones have a difficult time truly understanding. Thank you to everyone who reads my Lyme Journal post. M/Warrior

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“But you don’t look sick?”

If you’ve battled Lyme disease (or any other chronic and/or neurological illness) for a small amount of time you’ve probably heard this phrase posed to you by doctors, family, friends, and strangers a number of times. And my guess is you’re pretty sick of it by now. Yeah, I know the feeling. It’s so funny that no matter who I talk to this always comes up. It’s also funny that when I talk to other “Lymies”, this topic is always mentioned somewhere in our conversation…and it is spoken of with great agitation.

It’s frustrating because as a chronically ill person who’s battled an “invisible illness” for a long period of time you don’t exactly know what to say when someone comments, “Oh but you look so good!” I know I should be glad that people think I look “so good” even after being sick for…

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Looking for the Light:

Congratulations to our dear friend Angel,
We are lucky to read your awesome educational, inspiring, honest look into your life.
So happy to have you in my life.

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250 children ‘at risk of grooming in Greater Manchester’

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This is happening in every city in American. I’m blown away by the resources in this post. Thank you Paul from Defender of Faith.

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young girl crying imagebot

Nearly 250 children are “at risk” of being sexually exploited across Greater Manchester, the BBC has learned.

Figures show that out of 246 children being dealt with by local councils, 111 were deemed to be at high risk of being sexually exploited.

Rochdale Council had the highest number of children at risk, but said tackling sexual exploitation was one of its top priorities.

Defendants in Rochdale grooming trial

Defendants in 2012 Rochdale grooming trial— The men plied their victims with drink and drugs so they could “pass them around” for sex

In 2012 nine men were jailed for running a child sex ring in the town.

‘High risk’

Manchester City Council had 36 children known to it, of which 20 were at high risk.

Rochdale Council said there were 40 children at risk but only three of those fell into the high risk category, making them susceptible to being targeted by groomers.

The council’s assessment…

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