Mother leaves 8 year old at county hospital *Reposted from June 2014*

It’s interesting the events our mind suppresses or forgets. I have no problem or emotion talking about the physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my mother and step father. I have disassociated memories of sexual abuse by my father. I know it. My therapist and I have talked about it, she doesn’t push and knows if the door opens I’ll talk. What I will not do is force my mind and body to endure pain it’s not ready for. I have a good perspective on what I’ve survived and the methods our mind uses to deal with our deepest pain. I’m not sure if this particular memory was forgotten or suppressed. I had no emotion as my therapist was almost brought to tears.

I saw a story on the news about a 8-year-old girl tortured by her parents in some way. I don’t recall the circumstances. I always plan what I want to talk about but this day was different. I sat down and the memory of the little girl crossed my mind. I asked her if she had heard the story then adding my thoughts. I started to cry which I do easily for others in pain. As we talked about what type of parent would do that, a childhood memory flooded over me. The tears dried and it was if I was talking about someone else. When I was 8 years old I started having terrible side pains and daycare called my mother. She didn’t take off early and it was maybe 3 hours before she arrived. At that point I could barely walk and could not walk and breath. The supervisor thought I had an appendicitis attack and should get to the hospital right away. It was Halloween night and I didn’t want to miss out on the candy but pain was taking over my small body. My mother was angry for ruining things for my brother, nothing new about that. I guess we did not have insurance since the first hospital turned us away. We are talking early 1970’s. She drove to the county hospital and I waited on a bed until the people bleeding and dying received treatment. Halloween night is one of the busiest nights of the year with more shootings than normal. The emergency room was full and I was outside a mans curtain to wait my turn. During this time my mother left to take my brother to trick or treat. I didn’t realize until a nurse asked where she was. I said she talked to a nurse and went home. She was a big woman and I knew nobody gave her any shit. Asking why in the hell my mother would leave me there. My answer did not sit well with her, I knew a beating was in store for me. One thing to keep in mind is the county hospital is in the hood in one of the worst areas of Dallas. This is not a place an adult would feel comfortable let alone a child. I was on my side crying in pain and saw the man thru the curtain. He was an older man and he had what looked like wires coming out of several places on both arms. My eyes caught his, I ask does that hurt. He was a kind man saying not as bad as my pain did and then where was my mother. I told him how upset I was that my brother would not share his candy with me. He looked shocked my mother would leave me there. My mother eventually came back in the greatest of moods and was raising her voice at the big nurse. I was rooting for her to punch my mother if the mouth or grab her by the neck. I have no doubt it happened many times getting drunks under control.

The doctor didn’t think I needed surgery, just to stay overnight for observation. For a second I was glad until rolled to my room. The hospital was so overcrowded I hade to sleep in a baby bed. That is the last thing a kid (big girl) wants to hear. I cram myself in the bed and they pull the side up. It was so dark in there I thought I was alone until babies started crying. Which made it much worse for me. Not only did I have to sleep with my legs pulled up, babies are crying and my mother is home in her comfortable bed.

You would think at this point in the story I would feel some emotion but my mind switches back to the little girl. My mind turned a switch, my story was over, no big deal, that was my mother, that was my life. I couldn’t help but cry for the other girl. How can people do that to their children. As I’m talking to my therapist my story and pain never crosses my mind again. That was several years ago, it buried itself and popped back up last week.

XO Warrior

Very Inspiring Blogger Award From My Inspiration Alygeorges


Alygoeres describes herself as:

I’m a free spirit, unbounded by any rules… but I do believe in RESPECTING ALL. I’ve been through so much in life, and I have reason to believe that there are many more people out there who have sailed in the same boat as I. It’s for that profound reason that I decided to share my experiences on this site, so I can motivate someone; help them understand that there’s so much to life than just resigning oneself to misery…

I wrote a post in June 2014, about my mother leaving me at the county hospital at eight years old. I reposted above for your viewing. Alygoeres replied quickly with supportive words and prayers. We formed a strong bond immediately. You’ll find her site  motivating. Alygoeres has provided constant support from the beginning of my Lyme Disease journey.

Seven Facts About Me:

My brother shot me in leg with his new BB Gun when I was 10 years old

I have to take every car for a ride to see how fast it will go

Fascinated by the Mafia, particularly Russian.

I love Horses, one time rode the horse thru a Jack in the Box. They freaked, what were horses doing in the city.

I went to Daytona Bike Week. Looking at all the bike paint jobs, motors, fat tires, the sound was like a dream. I enjoyed riding the Harley on beach.

I love music yet can’t carry a tune or play an instrument. I made an effort with lesson in Clarinet, piano, Guitar.

I’m an Ordained Minister

I’m blessed to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award twice from Alygorges. Lyme Disease has me in a stranglehold. She keeps my in her prayers and a great support person.  I hope you will spend time on Alygeorges site,  Please stop by her site, you will find her enlightening.

I will complete the nomination process at a later date.

XO Warrior

Stop Prison Abuse *Investigate Florida Prison In Darren Rainey’s Death* Petition

Please read the original petition. I wanted to cry and vomit reading how Darren was brutally murdered. How can two prison guards ignore Darren Rainey beg for his life? Original Petition . The prison and two prison guards have not faced charges for the death of Darren Rainey.

Please support our new petition

Steven Wetstein
Miami, FL
Dec 5, 2014 


Thanks greatly for all your support to date. We are still working hard for a federal investigation of the Darren Rainey case.
Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mike Crews resigned last month, under the pressure of the numerous cases of brutality toward prisoners that have come to light, starting with that of Darren Rainey.
Unfortunately, Crews’ number two, Timothy Cannon, who has spent 25 years in the DOC, has been appointed as interim DOC Secretary. Please support Stop Prison Abuse Now’s new petition, at, urging Governor Rick Scott to appoint a different permanent DOC Secretary, one who is independent of the system they must reform.

Richard Scott: Appoint Independent Department of Corrections Secretary
After a string of brutal inmate deaths–like that of Darren Rainey , who was locked into a scalding shower until he died–Florida…


New PSA #StrongerThanStigma in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s Foundation

Start the conversation. Change the stigma.

We are incredibly excited to share our new PSA, #StrongerThanStigma, with you! Produced in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s foundation, Project 375, this campaign features four men who have each made mental health advocacy a part of his platform. These headliners are Brandon Marshall, NFL All-Pro wide receiver for the Chicago Bears; Michael Angelakos, lead singer of indietronica band Passion Pit; Wayne Brady, comedian and actor; and Ben Scrivens, NHL goalie for the Edmonton Oilers. Each shares his story, and encourages men to start the conversation and end the stigma.

For the past thirty years, the rate of suicide among men has been three to four times that of women. Traditionally, however, men have shied away from talking about their feelings because it is viewed as weak. In addition to a reluctance to seek help, men have higher levels of isolation, higher rates of drug and alcohol misuse, are at a greater risk for homelessness, display more externalized and destructive behaviors, and are more involved with the criminal justice system. Underlying many of these experiences are complex psychological problems, but we rarely empathize with their causes.

We want to erase stereotypes, create a new narrative by raising awareness of the mental health problems that men face, encourage dialogue, and promote help seeking behavior.

We hope that you will be a part of this significant opportunity to talk about the harmful and pervasive discrimination that surrounds mental illness. Please join our conversations on Facebook and Twitter, and visit our website to view and share #StrongerThanStigma, find resources, and help us end stigma.

Pamela Harrington
Executive Director

Bring Change 2 Mind
1265 Battery Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111
415.814.8846 |

14 year old prostitute needs help not prison *Please sign Petition*

Don’t Charge Victim Of Child Abuse 

Petitioner April Childs  Watkinsville, GA

Earlier this month, Georgia Police busted a prostitution ring involving 11 men and a 14-year-old girl. Not only do they plan to prosecute the child predators, but they have charged the 14-year-old victim with prostitution as well. Sixteen is the age of sexual consent in Georgia. District Attorney Fred Bright is charging a statutory rape victim with a crime she’s not legally old enough to commit. Help me tell him child prostitution victims need help, not prison.

My name is April Childs. I am a parent and Georgian, and I work as a forensic interviewer of children. My job entails interviewing victims of child abuse and sexual assault. I can take their testimony and transmit it to prosecutors so the victims don’t have to endure the stress and humiliation of taking the stand and seeing their accuser. I have worked with more than 500 children and helped them tell their story to officials so their abusers could be duly prosecuted. That’s why I was so shocked when I heard about Chief Kent Lawrence and District Attorney’s Bright’s plan to charge this young girl with prostitution, further victimizing her and punishing her for an act she couldn’t have legally consented to.

What the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuitplans to do with this young girl goes against any legal, therapeutic or even common sense protocol. The law–both federal and state–recognizes that children do not have the emotional capability to consent to sexual activity. As a vulnerable population, children should be protected from predatory adults, as well as helped to heal from traumas inflicted upon them. Charging a victim of statutory rape does exactly the opposite. It places blame on the victim which is counterproductive to the healing process.

Join me and tell DA Fred Bright to respect state law and human decency and refuse to prosecute the victim.

Get A Tissue Or Ten *Dedicated to Sharon At 4 Times and Counting*

There are people you meet in life who leave you in awe. The ability to push forward, awe to fight a disease trying to kill them not once but four times. Awe of their strength in the weakest moments to care for their children. Awe not give up, just throw in the towel, who would blame them. Awe with her dedication to educate, awe of the positive energy she exudes. I am in awe of my blogging sister Sharon from 4 Times and Counting, . Please visit Sharon’s site, you’ll see a strong woman with unstoppable determination. Sharon is all the above a much more. Being a survivor does not define who she is or where she’s going. I’m so happy our paths crossed.

I clicked on the video by accident, God reminded me it was no accident.   XO Warrior