Throw Back Thursday *We are one, not the same, we get to carry each other*

My heart breaks for the families around the world torn apart by violence the past week. I know good people outweigh the evil. The color of skin, religion practiced or area of globe we live does not make a person bad. Let us all stand together, shoulder to shoulder to help our brothers and sisters.  XO Warrior 




What can we learn from Alaska’s law on Domestic Violence……

I flipped to the National Geographic channel to find Alaska State Troopers one day. Watching was a blessing. The show opened my eyes to ending  domestic violence. Ending domestic violence is happening now, not somewhere in the future. We have to raise our voices louder and demand the same protection for all abused in other states. Below are notes taken while watching several episodes.

Fairbanks, Alaska has the highest number of domestic violence cases in the America.

Domestic violence calls dispatch to Troopers as top priority status. Everyone on scene interviewed, once established as domestic violence case, it’s an automatic assault charge and trip to jail. Other charges will follow based on situation.

This is a very condensed version of what I watched:

A fight escalates, the female screaming loudly to get out of house. Punched multiple times, raped and once outside pulled by the hair back into house. When police arrive she’s in front yard in bra and panties, visible marks of being hit in face, crying and trying to convince police nothing happened. Troopers receive education on domestic violence behavior. One officer goes in to house with gun drawn. The second keeps lightly pushing, why is she in the front yard in her bra and panties with visible marks to her face. The male taken to side of house, interviewed, handcuffed and lead to car. Officer’s provide jacket to cover herself  and support, she tells what happened leaving out being raped. Her disheveled appearance tips one officer to ask what else happened. She bows head crying not wanting to got to hospital, tells of being raped. Thru the support and gentle urging she agrees to hospital. The male charged with assault and kidnapping for not allow her to leave.

A neighbor hears a woman screaming, goes to investigate. He witnesses a man beating a women which quickly spills to front yard. Neighbor calls police, they arrive to see a man running into woods. One heads in to woods with gun drawn. The second officer discovers the male running is jealous of her other boyfriend. He looked thru window see other boyfriend there and breaks in back door. He also assaulted the man. The abuser charged with assault and taken into jail.

In Alaska there is no first time pass, first time and every time abuser goes to jail. The top priority status given to DV calls backed by state laws written to protect all citizens, gives me hope. The laws in other states sound good to those who turn an eye on the problem. When states charge a teen for smoking pot to a  seven-year jail term and a murderer walks out in less than two years on good behavior, the legal system requires an overhaul. As a paying taxpayer we have the right to vote, speak out and advocate for change. My illness keeps me from taking the time to research Alaska state laws and start petitions. I challenge you to start petitions and once circulating, commit to signing. How to make a petition on domestic violence successful? A separate petition to each states political leaders, national law makers and the President. Petitions are more effective if quotes from supportive law makers or an influential maker in your state included. Yesterday all NFL owners met in Texas to agree on a Domestic Violence Policy. I blew a gasket at the message the NFL sent to women. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys spoke after the meeting. Asked if he thought the policy went far enough. Jerry replied enough is never enough. I felt proud an influential maker lived in our state. I commit all the support possible to everyone who starts petition.

XO  Warrior

Throwback Thursday * Reflection….What if today was your last day? *

The future is so bright I have to wear shades.

The future is so bright I have to wear shades.

There are three tick born illnesses making a home in my body. I’ve been kicked in the gut, stomped to the ground and rolled over by a truck the past few weeks. The monsters inside have met their match. I ain’t going down that easy. I’ve been to sick to update my Lyme Journal, many days I feel like death. On better days I feel like an ice pick is stabbing my forehead. My body rejects me, today falling when only three feet from the ground. The doctor said I could die at my last appointment. I do not visualized myself not getting up and won’t. I want to live each minute, feel it, make plans, add to my bucket list (Tango Lessons), keep learning and looking forward. Both songs are strong inspirations to me, enjoy today, the people I love and keep an open heart.

Many have sent me words of encouragement, love, well wishes and lots of laughs. Thank you from the bottom of my big Texas heart. I appreciate everyone who prays for me and takes the time to write. My heart overflows with sunshine. Life is short, if we could live each day like it was our last, what a wonderful world it would be.   XO Warrior

Throw Back Thursday Triple Shot of U2 * Meaningful words will touch your heart *

I’m a huge U2 fan, Joshua Tree my first album.  The words caught my attention and who couldn’t notice the Irish accents. I watched interviews, learning they were childhood friends and belonged to choir in school. Money can change the core beliefs of people. I don’t feel U2 has strayed from their original beliefs. I was the kid who always played the B side of every single and albums, finding gems with an open mind. These three songs have more than surface meaning to me. I hope you will put aside any ideas you have of what U2 are as a band, let your mind hear the words. The music is world music.

Grab the headphone, kick off the shoes and clear your head. Be ready to see another side of U2.  XO Warrior