Lyme Disease Journal Entry Seven **Lyme Winning Me Fighting Back**



This past week I did everything the doctor said not to do. The backlash was frightening. One warning from doctor is not sit for longer than thirty minutes. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in front of the screen with few walking around breaks. The edema took over most of my body. By bedtime my feet and hands were numb, the pain was excruciating. I knew my feet needed elevating. Our bed is adjustable, I raised the foot of bed as much I could stand. I kept raising my arms in air to get blood flowing, my legs hurt just touching each other. Once feet are raised the water moves up. I’m coughing, sounds like I have pneumonia, my head feels like it’s going to explode. I’m having cardiac pain, can tell my blood pressure was high. I get the BP Monitor to confirm its high,BP is to high, a blinding headache hits and I’m questioning how much higher my BP needs to go before I have a stroke. Do I need to go to hospital, digging around find my nitro which provides no relief. My whole body hurts, areas asleep earleyer are now tingling as the blood flows back in. During the worst point the seizures start. My husband is in full snore mode, never knew the light turned on twice or I was crying in pain. I knew something was bad when the cat would not move for me to get up. Requiring me to crawl over him adding to my frustration. Truffles didn’t move until I went to bathroom for a cold rag. He has never acted like this before, he could tell from my heartbeat I guess. The following day every muscle hurt, toes burning, my shins so full of water had to change from capris to wide leg PJ’s. The back of my legs burning, hurts to sit in chair. So strange,when you rub the bone on front of lower legs, it felt like leg broken. The next day the pain continues, maybe from the water making my legs so tight.

I brought all of this on myself. It’s hard to break old habits and let a disease dictate how to go about your day. My thinking is, get as much done now before I get really bad and body is not able to get out of beds on many days. Unless you’re a gluten for pain it’s a good idea to listen to doctor. These post are not a pity party. I truly believe someone will read the post and avoid getting Lyme. I want to educate on how serious the disease is. In the worst case scenario, it leaves you permanently debilitated.   :) M

General Issues

Ice pick in temple headaches

Edema has moved up to knees, walking uncomfortable

Bruise very easily, finding bruises, don’t remembering hitting anything

Tremors part of week, hands shaking so bad would not have been able to feed self

Seizures during the day, not as bad as the ones at night

Tired of taking so many pills

Memory, forgetting multiple times during task, example spelling Rosacea took six looks at dictionary to get correct

Lyme Arthritis in hands all week, right hand worse

Less neuropathy after increasing RX dosage, stabbing needles when does happens

Rosacea and Psoriasis in full inflammation stage

Stayed up till wee hours several nights which contributes to all the above

As the dust cleared on 9/11/01, America took comfort knowing our flag was still there ** God Bless America Land Of The Free**

The tragic events of 9/11/01 will forever remain etched in my mind. It’s with a heavy heart I celebrate the lives taken and those left behind to grieve. I think of the men and women of our military bravely fighting for our freedoms. The cost of freedom is high. Let us not forget as we sip our Starbucks, a soldier will die today and a family is left behind. A soldier who hasn’t seen his newborn son. Let us not forget the innocent lives lost in war zones and the pain families suffer. The pain and agony of losing a loved one is universal, it’s a human feeling regardless of the language spoken.  M



Can Anyone Tell Me What Day It Is? **Yosemite National Park Here We Come**


Mother Nature's Finest Yosemite National Park

Mother Nature’s Finest
Yosemite National Park



Waterfall Spray Yosemite National Park

Waterfall Spray
Yosemite National Park

I’ve been in the house so long there’s no reason to keep up with the day of week. Today is a perfect example, Throw Back Thursday is on Wednesday. I want to cry and laugh at the same time. The neurological effects of Lyme Disease sucks. In the Chronic phase the virus can set up house in the brain causing neurological damage. To remain as positive as possible I don’t focus on the effect to my brain. There is no way to know if the damage is permanent or not. One side effect is memory loss, like walking to the kitchen and not remembering why. It’s annoying and a reminder you have a virus boring thru your brain. I choose not to focus on the what or why even with constant reminders. I am not at the wheel and trust God to get me to the other side.I’m on a long journey that will give plenty chances to laugh, laugh with me, not at me. Overlook the missing words in a post, thanking you for stopping by more than once and Throw Back Thursday on Wednesday. Life is too short to worry about the little things. Let’s laugh, then focus on how we can help someone and have our collective voice heard.

Sending a heart-felt thanks and Texas size hug to you.



Lyme Journal Entry Six **Kicked Around But Never Down**

God blessed me with the ability to feel empathy. He also filled my heart with sunshine. Today my husband participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. My heart shines as I watch this challenge cross the globe. If we look, there is someone suffering more than ourselves. I work hard to keep in mind on the tough days.  M

I’ve had a cold for a couple of days, germs rode in on husbands back. Thank you for the prayers and kind words, you lift me up. I have a positive outlook, no pity party here. Lyme Disease may kick me around but never down. A special shout out to my Twin in Germany, she keeps me rolling in laughter with vomit stories. You had to be there.

This is a list of probiotics, supplements and shots taken in preparation for my antibiotic treatment. My next appointment is 9/17/14, I’m hopeful he will start the antibiotics.


Magnesium Malate 1,250mg  1 daily
Omega 3,2126mg  1 daily
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg  1 daily
Multi Vitamin 1 daily
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg  1 daily
Reservatrol 150mg  1 daily

B12 Shot three times a week 

Methylocobalamine 25mg/ml injection 1cc 3 x week

2 pills in AM

One liquid probiotic packet daily

In an effort to improve overall health, I starting drinking all natural beverages. I discovered the Suja Life brand, they are certified organic by CCOF. The drinks are cold-pressed, organic, no growth hormones, all natural and no preservatives. I put the liquid probiotic packet in the Coconut Almond, my daily lunch staple.

General Issues 

Seizures happening often and more intense

During a seizure episode, eyes were closed but felt like light bulb on in back of eye. I experienced the same effect when my heart was in freak out mode.

Neuropathy hurts like thousands of needles stabbing mostly my legs. Doubled neuropathy and pain meds

Edema in both feet, imagine not seeing your ankle bone , tight and painful to shins, hands are very bloated! :(

Severe headaches

Pimple face, look 13 again :(


Throw Back Thursday**Triple Shot with Country Legends Tanya, Reba,Loretta,Tammy and Dolly** Hang on to your hats!


Me and My Pony

Me and My Pony

Enjoy the songs from my childhood, give or take a few years. Tanya Tucker’s Delta Dawn has a place buried in my heart. Many of the songs are simple, no fancy videos or special effects. What they have in common are words that grab your heart and still have meaning today. I bet there are many who aren’t familiar with the artist or words to the songs. Get on your shit kickers and get line dance warmed up!  Enjoy. M

Important Update Or Lack There Of On Petition**Let’s Send Our Collective WP Voice**

Countless hours spent making phone calls and letter writing to Federal and State Officials have fallen on deaf ears. Overwhelming support has rallied behind Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi petition yet more is needed. Please take a few minutes to read, sign and pass to all you know. We can turn the injustice around. The comments were taken from letter written by Pastor Rich Tidwell.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, has been unjustly imprisoned in a Mexican federal prison for nearly 5 months on weapons charges after accidentally crossing the border with legally purchased U.S. registered weapons. Since his incarceration, I often find myself imagining what it must feel like languishing in a foreign high security prison, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, suffering from PTSD, malnourished, and unable to effectively communicate with others.

Andrew’s plight should not be a burden carried alone as his treatment by Mexican officials demonstrates how any American could potentially be treated should one of us make a similar mistake. His sufferings could easily be shared by ourselves, our siblings, our families, our friends and our countrymen… a fearful thought to say the least. Furthermore, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is a decorated veteran, saving the lives of multiple Marines during combat. He is a man who has fought injustice on our behalf, actively securing our American liberties after volunteering to make the ultimate sacrifice should his nation need him to. He is a man worthy of our rescue and a man our nation cannot afford to do without. petition link:

Thank You.   M