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We waited too long to react to Ebola.

We’re still waiting for world leaders to finish the job.

We can’t wait to stop crises like Ebola once and for all.

Watch our new video with Morgan Freeman, Akon, Will Ferrell (and more). And sign our petition right here (more than 200,000 have now added their name). Let’s end Ebola now.

Our petition says:

Dear World Leaders,

We’re counting on you to quickly make and deliver bold commitments and help end the Ebola epidemic now.

Some countries – like the US – have stepped up. But there is more to do. We need Congress to pass emergency funding for Ebola now.

Talk is cheap. It’s time for action.

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- ONE 

XO Warrior



Looking for the Light:

Let women have dignity and a future without pain.

Originally posted on Mum C writes:

(I need to say that FGM is a sin against humanity. It is a cliché, I know, but I had to say that anyway. We must know that not only does it break the confidence of women, it also breaks their souls. Please, if you are in a society where it is practised, educate the people on the need to leave souls untouched, in order for them to help the bodies grow. This poem is dedicated to all women who had to suffer through this canker. I need you to know you rock but you must help with your voices so that your children will not suffer same fates. Thank you.)

Their dream future is very bright

But they have been given such fright

Who butchers pleasure tools for love?

Who sees blood without looking above?

Who dares to hurt a pure white dove?

There are no sanitizers, let…

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“Help me, I don’t know if I’ll be alive tomorrow” ** Trigger Warning **

By sharing photos of one woman’s face over the course of a year, this video conveys a powerful message that needs to be shared. “One photo a day in the worst year of my life” was created by the Croatian government in response to a danger that many women across the globe live with every day. The harrowing message is made even more impactful by the sign the woman holds up at the end. It reads, “Help me, I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow”.

I applaud the Croatian Government for taking a stand of Domestic Violence.  A special thanks to Heather at The Starting End.   XO Warrior

Warning: the video contains graphic images towards the end.

Love Is A Verb, It Ain’t A Thing **Gramps Thank You For Showing Your Love**

Gramps would skip my nick name “Pud” and go straight to first name asking why I wrote this. Because I love you and want to thank you for being the father I never had. You taught me thru love when I needed it most. Your rules strict and set in cement. You taught me responsibility by setting an example. The nuggets we learn and realize when we’re older. I work to live by your example except for telling except telling dirty jokes and I cuss way more.

I went to work at 15 years old and drove his car. He had me pay $50 for yearly insurance and $8.00 a week for gas, gas cost 0.89 at the time. My first car was a puck green Dodge Duster, the car was ugly but the tunes blared out. I was jamming. The rules were clear-cut, I could only drive my car to school, work, journalism, girls basketball and granny to mall. Granny told me years later he checked to make sure I was working on school paper, I was, he never checked again. When I started dating at 17 years old my curfew was 12:00, not 12:05. No phone calls after 9:00 PM, no leaving the house after 9:00PM, “you could get into no good if leaving after 9:00PM”. If not working I was home by 4:30PM for supper. Both of my grandparents showed me their love. He only raised his voice one time. His temper a slow burn, when it blew there was no convincing him, he might be wrong. He and granny were both stubborn and I didn’t fall far from the tree.

Being raised by the generation who faced the great depression, dust bowl and WWII was a blessing. I heard how poor most people were, you took any job you could get because there went many. How the war effected businesses, many jobs were frozen which meant you could not leave for another job. All efforts at home focused on supporting the war, granny became a riveter, some women worked in large sewing areas and most struggled to keep their head above water. It seems hard to think about today, my grandmother cut tin cans to use for curlers, she had two dresses, every night she had to wash one.

I didn’t have designers clothes, phone in my room, Atari, pool or new car. I never expected nor did I care what others wore or drove. I thought everyone lived this way. Was I naïve.

I miss my grandparents everyday and blessed by the lessons taught. Most important was their love, showing me their love.

“Love is a verb, it ain’t a thing” John Mayer

XO Warrior

No One Left Behind*Thank you for helping Afghan translators like Janis’ who saved Matt Zellers life in combat*

I can think of no better day to receive news Congress heard our call from the petition.  AMERICA HOME OF THE BRAVE   XO Warrior

Thank You For Helping Veterans

Matt Zeller
Fairfax, VA
Nov 11, 2014 — I hope this finds you well.

Last summer, you helped us get Congress to pass an additional 1,000 visas for our Afghan allies. Thank you – you helped us save countless lives.

You may also recall the story of how Janis, the Afghan translator who saved my life in combat, finally got his visa to America last year.

Janis’ story was only the beginning. There are thousands more like him.

Together, we started No One Left Behind, an organization that helps Afghan and Iraqi translators gain their U.S. Visas and provides them assistance getting resettled in America.

Here’s a quick video about our organization:

This Veteran’s Day, we wanted to thank you for your support.

Since January we’ve helped resettle over 40 Afghan families in the United States. Your generosity allowed us to pay for their housing, furnish their homes, help them gain employment, and in several cases, even buy cars. You helped fulfill America’s promise to take care of those who so graciously took care of us. For that, we remain forever grateful.

We hope to resettle another 30 families by January. With your help, we will.

To help us resettle these families, please contribute today:


No One Left Behind